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4 Tips for Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may be a terrific method to increase your online income, regardless of whether you represent a brand or create content. Learn the steps for starting.

brand-friendly affiliate marketing strategies

After going through the fundamentals of setting up affiliate marketing for your company, let’s discuss some best practises for making your programme stand out.

Make it simple for artists to advertise your goods

When you make it simple for affiliates to promote your items, they will do so more frequently.

Create materials especially for affiliate creators. Inform them of any new deals or promotions you are running that could be of interest to their audience.

A creator newsletter, Slack channel, or Facebook group may assist with information sharing and brand awareness.

For instance, Barkbox delivers a weekly newsletter to its affiliates. Affiliates are kept “up to date on new promotions, unique affiliate deals, our latest monthly themes, BARK news, and more” as a result.

Provide creators with resources so they can promote your stuff more easily. Do you have any accessible visuals resources for them? Advice on what goods are selling well or those usually sell well during a certain season? Any ideas on how to increase the worth of each order?

You’ll increase your sales with the aid of knowledgeable, active affiliates.

Pay regularly so that there is time to adjust for returns.

Expect to get paid frequently and on promptly, affiliates. However, you must give yourself time before payout to adjust for any returns. In your affiliate agreement, be explicit about the reward parameters. Depending on your return window, 30 to 60 days following the transaction is often a good period of time.

Your affiliates should be able to log in directly to track their own sales and outstanding payments if you’re utilising an affiliate management programme. You must tell affiliates personally if you run your programme directly. To inform them when purchases are made, an autoresponder that is activated by a sale made using their code could be a suitable starting point.

Track the results of your affiliate marketing campaign.

Affiliate marketing on social media is most effective when you monitor your progress and modify the strategy as needed. Analytical tools may be used to monitor your success and choose the finest affiliate resources.

When you’ve determined which of your affiliates is the most profitable, get in touch with them to find out how you may further assist their sales.

Watch out for the difference between what you pay out and what you really make from your affiliate programme. Are affiliate sales bringing in more money than you anticipated? What about greater order value or lifetime worth of a customer? If so, give raising your commission some thought.

Best practises for affiliate marketing for content producers

Now let’s turn the equation around to the creator side. The following considerations are crucial when deciding how to start a career as an affiliate marketer.

Promote brands you know and trust.

When affiliate marketing appears authentic and genuine, it performs best. To get paid for recommending high-quality goods and services, use social media affiliate marketing. These should ideally be items that you often use.

Take YouTuber Alexandra Gater’s home decor channel as an example. She utilises Instagram Stories to showcase both her own favourite design items and goods from her most recent home improvement films. She adds affiliate links to make it easier for readers to buy the colours she suggests in her “Paint Colors!” Story highlight.

This is a really natural method for her to make commissions, and it benefits her followers without coming across as pushy. And that’s the most important thing to remember while figuring out how to perform affiliate marketing: provide high-quality content that benefits your audience. For a potential commission on a transaction, it is not worthwhile jeopardising your relationship with your followers.

Investigate your choices.

The same product may be promoted in many ways. To find out which provides the greatest commission structure and payout strategy for you, do a little research.

For newcomers, affiliate marketing programmes from large general merchants like Amazon and Walmart might be a simple entry point. You have access to a vast selection of items thanks to these reputable businesses.


So, for instance, Amazon is certainly a fantastic choice if you want to develop a whole Twitter account dedicated to products linked to The Legend of Zelda.

Just keep in mind that they are the individuals for whom affiliate revenue was their primary source of income. Many more would combine affiliate marketing with brand alliances and other revenue sources.

Link shorteners should be used for long affiliate links.

UTM codes and an affiliate code are the most popular methods for tracking affiliate links. This could result in some unwieldy, lengthy connections. Using a link shortener is a simple technique to reduce the size of the links without sacrificing the tracking code

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