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Affiliate Marketing

Spending on affiliate marketing is expected to increase, reaching $8.2 billion in 2022.

As a result, everyone is competing for a piece of the pie, from large corporations with an online presence to the mommy blogger down the street.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money or even double your income, whether you’re an influencer, a small business, or your website already has 100,000 monthly visitors.

You also don’t need to start a blog, study SEO, pay for email marketing services, or fight the Google algorithm to stand a chance of succeeding.

Building a small but devoted social media following might be all that is required.

How to pick the most effective social media marketing affiliate platform

Relevance is the key factor in choosing the best social media outlet. You must choose the appropriate audience for the affiliate goods. On TikTok, for instance, you might not find the most appropriate audience if you’re pushing Supermetrics. So, here’s how to begin determining which platforms are ideal for you:

  1. Spend time with your audience

You can’t just rely on customers coming to you if you want to succeed at affiliate marketing. The greatest strategy to showcase your affiliate items or services to your audience is to go where they already are. You must be deliberate and purposeful about doing this.

You may utilise any number of social media channels, but trying them all out will never lead to success.

While you might initially want to be present everywhere, you’ll have far more success if you concentrate your efforts on the handful that both your audience and the majority of users use.

Facebook should be one of your top three goals because it is the platform that most marketers utilise. However, just because something has a high rating doesn’t mean it should be your top pick if your target demographic is younger and likely uses Instagram more frequently than Facebook.

  1. Recognize each platform’s benefits and drawbacks.

Eliminating the platforms from your list of options that don’t provide the functionality you want is the next stage in reducing the number of options.

Consider what you would want or need from a social networking site. For instance, Twitter is probably not the greatest option if your company benefits more from publishing long-form material or educational social media postings because of the site’s strict character restrictions.

Or perhaps you are more interested in Instagram because of the story feature because you appreciate the notion of being able to engage with your audience through remarks, tags, and UGC.

Finally, you should investigate the guidelines and limitations for each platform with regard to affiliate marketing and advertising. Despite their similarities, none of them are created equal, therefore some behaviours that are permitted on one platform can be forbidden on another.

Additionally, the kind of product you’re marketing could limit the freedom with which you can use social media for promotion.

For instance, health supplements must adhere to tight regulations and exact phrasing. Affiliates should refrain from making medical claims. Because of this, marketing on short-form content networks like Instagram and Facebook may be more challenging than others like Snapchat and Twitter.

  1. Choose your affiliate link promotion strategy first.

A content strategy is very necessary for any social media or affiliate marketing campaign to be successful. Decide what sort of material you want to upload and, if any, what kinds of advertising campaigns you want to conduct before choosing a platform.

This will help you further reduce your list. You’ll need to do some study on each platform’s constraints and trends, some of which won’t work well for your content objectives. Your content strategy and the methods you may effectively promote affiliate links will be significantly impacted by the sort of brand you are.

Which social media network should you utilise for affiliate marketing?

You haven’t decided yet, are you? Let’s examine some of the most well-known social media sites in more detail and how you may utilise them for affiliate marketing.


one of the earliest and remains widely employed. Facebook’s user base is still active despite not being as popular with the younger generation.

Facebook surpassed 2.9 billion active users in April 2022 alone, earning it the title of market leader. Additionally, Facebook’s user base increased by around 24 million each month for the three months before to April, with an estimated 37% of the world’s population having an account.

It’s understandable why Facebook is high on many affiliate marketers’ priority lists. With such a vast readership, a single viral post might effectively reach a sizable section of the world. But there are some rules to follow when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Always make affiliate connections in posts clear.

A disclaimer stating that the material contains one (or more) affiliate links should always be included in content since the Federal Trade Commission regulates product recommendations (FTC). But if you’ve been in the affiliate marketing scene for a while, you’re probably already aware of this guiding principle.

Make sure your links are reliable and concise.

Long URLs with a lot of special characters and “code-looking” text provide an untrustworthy impression, which may cause your readers to believe the link is spam.

The majority of affiliate programmes let you personalise your links; but, if yours doesn’t, you might want to use a link masking plugin like WordPress’s Prettylinks.

Directly benefit from Facebook groups

Last but not least, groups are a feature that distinguishes Facebook sharply from other websites. And you HAVE to use Facebook groups as an affiliate marketer.


Instagram is the ideal platform for independent producers or companies with audiences that appreciate consuming aesthetically pleasing content and multi-media. Instagram is Facebook’s trendier, younger, and more colourful brother.

Over the past several years, Instagram has introduced a number of new features, including stories, reels, and IGTV. In contrast to sites like Facebook, this enables the development of an unlimited amount of material.

Additionally, Instagram is already a well-liked site for affiliate marketing because users with more than a few thousand followers frequently post links and promotional codes for goods related to their area.

Instagram affiliate marketing example

Take a look at this article from The Anna Edit, which promotes Armani Beauty, as an illustration. She has monetized her links using RewardStyle and placed a paid partnership tag to show that she is receiving payment for the article.

There are a few strategies you should use to maximise your Instagram affiliate marketing efforts if it has made it to your top list of social media networks.

Start by making as much user-generated material as you can (UGC). This is essentially an internet version of word-of-mouth marketing because it is material created by fans and followers that is simple to distribute.

You may accomplish this by keeping a close eye out for mentions and tags, as well as motivating your fans to upload UGC by holding contests, freebies, and other events.

Second, utilise EVERY tool that Instagram has to offer. As many different types of material as you can, from ordinary Instagram posts to reels, IGTV videos, stories, and even live broadcasts, should be included in your content plan. Your audience can grow as you provide new media outlets.

Finally, think about working with other influencers. even if not specifically to advertise the goods! Working with other companies or well-known users on the platform may help you gain a tonne of new followers since those users’ audiences are already interested in what you have to offer.


Twitter is for people who can communicate their ideas concisely and enjoy a good laugh.

It’s not for the weak of heart, but it can be a potent weapon for companies and public people that want to be seen as funny, witty, and direct by the general public.

You kind of have to be because Twitter only allows users to type 280 characters at a time.

Using hashtags wisely is one of the most important strategies for succeeding on this platform that is constantly expanding.

Hashtags are used on Twitter to facilitate conversations, and they may provide you thousands of views, new followers, and leads. Find popular hashtags and join the movement, or do some research to find the most popular hashtags.

If you don’t provide your followers good reasons to like or trust you, they won’t buy anything from you. Additionally, a rise in posting frequency nearly usually results in a rise in followers. And the greatest thing is that using this platform to create content is quite quick.


Snapchat’s users are very engaged, making it one of the platforms with the hardest followings to build.

The challenge with this network is that the majority of users use it more for keeping up with friends and family than for following influencers (and even less so, brands).

In order to be successful with affiliate marketing, you must first and foremost provide original, high-quality content.

Give them exactly that. People use Snapchat to gain a glimpse into the genuine lives of their favourite brands or influencers. Instead of utilising stock photographs and spending hours retouching photos, go for behind-the-scenes photos of your everyday activities or the operations of your company.

Next, keep your CTAs and links as brief as possible.


Last but not least, there’s YouTube, which combines a search engine with a social networking site.

A popular platform for affiliate marketing is YouTube. Consider how many videos you view that contain paid advertisements, sponsors, and promotional coupons.

The majority of affiliates get income by orally referencing or adding their affiliate links to the video descriptions. If you announce the affiliate partnership orally, make sure that text is shown anywhere in the video frame at the same time.

This will direct users to the appropriate link. To ensure that viewers look out your affiliate link at the end of the video, you may combine the two strategies by mentioning that it has been added to the description box while the video is still playing.

You’ll need to know the algorithm like the back of your hand when you start publishing videos to YouTube because it’s a search engine like Google. This is ultimately how you’ll get subscribers and increase the likelihood that the algorithm will push your material to individuals who are likely to find it interesting.

Making popular videos is one technique to increase your YouTube subscriber count while also promoting your affiliate items.

Keep an eye on the most popular trends by visiting the “trending” page on YouTube. Make a video with the same concept and use it as a platform to advertise your links (with disclosure, of course).

Unboxing and product reviews are maybe the finest kinds of video content for affiliate marketers.

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