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Terms and Conditions

Copyright and Usage

The Licensee and/or Nominated Third Party recognize that Email Database Portal retains sole ownership of all intellectual property rights, including copyright.

We are firmly opposed to spam. As a result, by acquiring one of our datasets, you agree to comply with the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003.

Under the terms of this agreement, the Licensee and/or its Nominated Third Party are only allowed to utilize Email Database Portal information for direct marketing, research, and academic purposes. Unless explicitly agreed in writing by an Email Database Portal representative, the data may not be reproduced, copied, or transmitted to a third party (other than the Nominated Third Party), or used to benefit any third party, including without limitation any business, corporation, or entity related or affiliated with the Licensee or Nominated Third Party.


By purchasing one of our datasets, you acknowledge that you are using the data on our website at your own risk.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless in any way by using the information from our databases.

You will not hold liable for any legal issues that arise as a result of the data’s use.

Refunds and Chargeback Policy

No Refund on Digital Downloads: Once the Data has been delivered via digital download, no refunds will be issued. This policy applies irrespective of the Buyer’s satisfaction with the Data. We emphasize the importance of reviewing all product information and descriptions before making a purchase.

Cancellation and Full Charge Policy: Any orders canceled post-payment but prior to delivery will incur the full invoice amount. This policy is enforced to cover processing and handling costs.
Prohibition of Chargebacks: As a Buyer, you expressly agree not to initiate any chargebacks or disputes with your bank or credit card issuer for payments made for the Data. This agreement is a binding part of the purchase transaction. Any attempt to initiate a chargeback will be considered a breach of these terms and may result in legal action against the Buyer.

Acknowledgment of Data Limitations: You acknowledge that not all data fields will be present in every record. Inaccuracies such as incorrect email addresses, phone numbers, etc., may exist. The estimated accuracy of our databases is between 60-70%, as data is only added and updated annually. These limitations are accepted upon purchase and do not constitute grounds for a refund.

Acceptance of Terms: By completing your purchase, you signify your explicit agreement to these terms, including the no-refund and no-chargeback policies outlined herein.

Data Quality

We cannot guarantee any sales on your behalf if utilized for marketing purposes. We merely give the leads; how you sell your business or product utilizing our information is entirely up to you.

Please contact us for fresh data extraction and email list cleaning services if you want the highest quality data.


We only send the information via email. We will email you the download access for the database you ordered after we have validated your payment.